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This page is dedicated to Verizon Wireless.

(Please note: Verizon has been changing some of the ways
they promote their products and as such, I am not currently
a representative for Verizon. That may change soon, but until then,
all I can offer is the following helpful hints and tips.)


This is the cell phone service I have used for years. They have the best coverage in our area and all over the country for that matter. We live in Warsaw, NY in the middle of Wyoming County. Lots of hills and valleys. Nice scenery. Miles between towns. But Verizon still covers us well. Just added 2 new towers in the southern part of the county too. Always expanding. Always growing. And year after year, Verizon is ranked highest in customer service by an independent consumer magazine.

I have listed some hints to help you get the best plan and the best phone for your area and situation. We are in a rural area of Western New York, so a lot of my tips are based on our area. Also, if you have any questions or want any help with phone or service, you can call me. You can reach me HERE. If you get a machine or voicemail, please leave a message. I do a lot of my computer and cell phone work nights and weekends. I will return your call. I am even willing to sit down with you at the computer and help you with the entire process if you wish. From selecting the best plan, to choosing your phones, and even helping to set up your phone after it's delivered. I have been selling phones for over 18 years. I can help.

SERVICE HINT: Once a month, turn your phone off while charging for longer battery life. Also, try not to leave your phone in your vehicle all the time. Extreme cold or heat can take it's toll on the battery as well.

TO SAVE MONEY: Choose a plan that includes Verizon's In Network Calling. Simply put- you can call ANY Verizon cell phone ANY time ANY place for free. The minutes do not count even during the day. Like the unlimited Nights and Weekends. So if your friend lives in Denver and has a Verizon cell, you can call them cell to cell all day any day and it won't cost a penny- not long even distance.

BE HAPPY WITH YOUR PHONE: When choosing a phone, keep in mind quality costs. While Verizon does offer phone that are free with some plans, the lowest priced phone may not be the best choice. I find that the step up phones tend to work better in the wide open spaces of farm country. My own phone for example cost about $100.00. But it works GREAT! I get service in areas where others are dropping calls or going outside to get a better signal.

AVOID PROBLEMS: Make sure you get a headset for the car and use it. Cops are giving out more tickets every day. Headset use in a car is New York State Law.

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