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Are you TIRED of paying $15, $20, or even MORE per month for Dial-up???

Both AOL and FrontierNet charge over $20 a month for Internet these days. For Dial-up!
There is just no need to pay those kind of prices anymore. But not all Internet providers are good.
Most low priced Internet providers either have poor service, or they track your Internet usage and
sell that information to advertising companies to make more money. (They SPY on you!)

Well, I have customers and friends who still use dial-up and don't need more that that. But they
still want the best dial-up they can get. So I did the research and found some interesting information.
The biggest complaints I was seeing were problems getting connected, problems staying connected,
and bad customer service. Based on the complaints I was reading in the forums online, the 3 WORST
dial-up Internet providers are PeoplePC, AOL, and LocalNet. (BlueFrog was not far behind.)
So then I checked some places that rate Internet providers and found that one of the
best companies out there is BasicISP.

I have used BasicISP myself both to test it out, and for when I am at a customers house without high
speed Internet and need connect. I have found the service to as good as ANY dial-up I have used in the past.
And they DO NOT track your Internet usage or sell any information to any other companies. They have
dial in numbers nationwide and connect reliably every time and stay connected.
Therefore, I HIGHLY recommend BasicISP.

I have provided a link to BasicISP below. This special link will get you BasicISP Internet service
for only $8.95 a month. The service is automatically billed to a credit or debit card each month
so you never have to worry about the bill. When you sign up, be sure to use the
promo code 103287 to get the best deal. (The link below does this automatically.)
They also offer accelerated service and Call Alert for a little more per month.

If you have any questions, or need help setting up your computer, please give me a call.
Ken at 585-943-9786

Call me to get setup with BasicISP.


For those who hate changing your email address and then updating all your friends,
I would recommend using Gmail. Then, if you change Internet service later on,
or drop Internet altogether, your Gmail account is still good. you can check it
from any computer with Internet at any time.

And you won't have to go through changing your email again.

I have included a link to Gmail below as well.

Click here to setup a Gmail email address.

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